How To Solve Computer Red Light Problem? | Repair CPU Red Light & No Display

How To Solve Computer Red Light Problem

Computer Red Light Problem

Hi, Everyone Today in this article we can discuss HP CPU 5 times Beep problem. If your computer sounds five-time beep sound and shows red light then don't worry. Just follow my guide and you can repair your CPU 100% sure guaranteed. So Let's get started.

Some people misguide you and told that your CPU processor breaks down and having a problem. You can just open your processor and clean it carefully and just simply close your processor and starts the computer your five times beep issue and the red light problem is being solved. 

First of all REd Light beep problem is due to the following different issues like RAM and Dust problem And also the Motherboard. So, now we can discuss all these issues in detail.

1. Random Access Memory (RAM)?

Guys RAM is the basic part of a computer that regulates speed. And if there is any issue found in ram then hp computer alert five times beep sound. And also show red light now further we can discuss how to fix this problem.

  • Cleaning The RAM Slots:-

First of all, you have four different slots two slots are Black and the other two slots are White. You can just pull off the ram and use a teeth brush to clean the slots. 

Now carefully clean all the slots one by one gently. And after cleaning all four slots just put your rams and turn on pc. If there is an issue due to the dust particles in the ram slots then your computer will run otherwise not.

  • Cleaning The RAM With Rubber:-

In some cases, a layer of Carbon resolves on the surface of rams. Due to this Carbon layer computer doesn't show a display and you can clean this by using Rubber. 

You can safely rub the rubber at rams and clean the carbon layer. After cleaning with rubber you can again turn on your PC and see it works or not.

  • Check The Faulty RAM:-

Guys in your case I don't know how many numbers of rams are you using? If you have more than one ram the pull off the rams one by one and try to start the computer. You can check which one is damaged. If anyone's ram is damaged you can just replace it with the new one. 

And if all of your rams be safe and ok then don't worry there is another issue with your computer. Just because of this your computer doesn't show Display and alert red light and beep sound.

  • Check The Cables In Motherboard Are Burnt Or Not:-

You can check all the cables which connect the Power Cable with Motherboard. If there is any wire loose or burnt you can face red light and beep problem. 

Mainly check the power supply wire. Sometimes Power supply wire does not connect properly with the motherboard due to this reason we face this issue.

  • Check Hard Disk Error Troubleshooting:-

In this case, you can check your Hard Disk properly. Because in some cases Motherboard doesn't detect the Hard Drive. And if Hard Disk has any issue then there is no display to show on the screen. To solve this issue just clean both wires gently and connect again.

Guys after using these above techniques I hope your Machine works properly. In some cases after these three above methods using a computer don't work properly. Then, you have the second option which I mentioned below.

2. Check The Dust Particles?

Friends sometimes your pc has so much dust and just because of this pc don't work properly. And sometimes due to season changes humidity level increases and computer don't work properly. You can resolve this by simply using Blur/Air Machine and Vacuum Cleaner.

3. Motherboard Problem?

Friends if you already tried the above two steps then there is the only way to run your pc is to check the main Motherboard. Because in your motherboard something is broken or damaged. You can simply go to any repaired shop and check your board.

If the Motherboard is completely fine and ok then you follow the above two steps and I am damn sure your pc runs completely fine. 

Computer Red Light Problem is solved and the Display issue is also solved. If You can Get a Practical Video on this topic then visit my YouTube Channel.
Thank You! 

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