How To Fix Adsense Code Was Not Found | Fix Unreachable Site | Fix Adsense Code Issue 2021

How To Fix Adsense Code Was Not Found

 Fix Adsense Code Issue 2021

First of all, in this article, you can learn how to fix Adsense code that was not found?. And after reading this you can fix your error 100%. To fix this error you must have a Google Adsense account. No matter how much it was old. So let's get started.

Go to your Google Adsense account and enter in the site tab. After clicking the site button you can copy the URL of your website and add it there. 

After adding your site URL Adsense gives you a code you must copy this code and paste it into the HTML section of your website.

Simply go to your blogger website. Just open the theme and go to the Edit Html button. After clicking it Html code is shown on the screen you must paste that code which Google Adsense gave you after putting your site Url.

After that you came back to Google Adsense account and click on I have pasted the code in my site and then click ok. After the new pop-up window is open and you can receive notification we could not check the code because of timeout please try again.

Now I want to tell you that how you can fix this error you just follow my instructions and just do everything which I mentioned next in this article.

How To Fix This Issue?

If you want to solve this problem then first go to your Domain property like my Domain property is GoDaddy and you must open My Products. For example, you can purchase your Domain from GoDaddy you just log in to your account.

After account log in You must go to your property and there you can see all your purchased Domains. Simply select your Domain name at the top right corner there are three dots just click on it and you have three choices.

The first one is Edit Setting And the second option is Change Privacy and the last one is Manage DNS. You can choose the third option which is Manage DNS after that new tab is open and your DNS Record is on your screen. 

You don't make any changes in your DNS Record just simply scroll down and you can find the Forwarding option on your screen.

Go to the Forwarding option you can find the next two more options first one is Domain And the second one is Subdomain. 

Choose the first option that is Domain. Simply select your Domain Type it means that your Domain type is HTTP or HTTPS. After this put, your domain name Like my Domain name is, and hit ok.

Now the next step is to choose the Forwarding Type. Here you have three different options first one is Permanent (301). The second one is Temporary (302). And the last one is Forward with Masking. You can simply choose the first one that is Permanent (301).

Forwarding Type

Now just Save the Settings and come back to your Google Adsense Account. Now again repeat the same procedure which I mentioned above.

And add your site link and copy the link which Google Adsense gives you and before clicking on the check box is I have pasted the code into my site.

You must edit your Domain Url like my Domain name is and the right method is mostly peoples do mistakes and also add HTTP or HTTPS in front of your Domain name like this was the wrong method. 

After editing your Domain name you must check the box and click on the submit button. Now you can see the new pop-up window is open and here you can see The Code was Found. Now just click on the Got It button and your problem is Fix.

The Code was Found.


The main reason behind this error is your Domain Forwarding option settings and the second one is the correct method of your website name which I mentioned above how you can choose and write. Simply follow my instructions and I am 100% sure you can fix this error in just 10-15 Minutes.

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