Real-Time Data Not Supported For This Comparison | No Data On Google Analytics Problem

Real-Time Data Not Supported

Real-Time Data Not Supported

Guys if you are facing Real-Time Data not supported problem then read this article carefully. Just because you can find your exact issue. So let's get started.

What Is Real-Time Data?

Real-Time Data is the data shown by Google Analytics. How many numbers of people visit your website. And it also shows the country, devices, page view, first view, session start, and user engagement.

First of all Guys for example you can go to your blogger website and open Analytics. Here you can see all your post analytics.

And if I click on More About this Blog then it shows all my blogger website analytics including all Top Countries, Top Referrals, Audience, Top Locations, and stuff like that.

And if I also go to the Google Search Console then there are all my analytics data shown. It includes Total Numbers of Clicks on my Site, Average Position, Average Click Through Rate, and Full Impressions.

Besides this, I go to Google Analytics there is no data shown like Zero Users, No Active Users, And Average Engagement Time stuff like that.

What is Google Analytics?

Guys Google Analytics is a website where you can see all your analytics about your website, android app, and ios app. And it helps you to grow your business in Digital World.

How It Works?

And you just connect your site with the Google Analytics account and you were able to see your audience and the devices which they use and also the exact country and stuff like that.

And in the right box, Real-Time Data is not supported for this comparison. In real means, it doesn't show any data. Guys this is just because of our Mistake. Don't worry just follow my steps and you can see all your data in Google Analytics.

Steps To Connect Blog Wite Google Analytics:-

1. Go to your Google Analytics Account.

2. Go to Setting and open Admin Setting.

3. Go to Data Streams.

After Clicking Data Streams you have Three different options. The first one is Web 2nd is Android App and the third is IOS App

1. Web:-

If you want to get information about your Website then you can select this first option. In the Web section, you can connect your website. And google analytics shows all information about your Website how many peoples visit your site today and so far.

2. Android App:-

If you want to get information about your Android App then you can select this second option. In the android app section, you can connect your android app with an analytics account. And google analytics shows all information about your android app.

3. IOS App:-

If you get information about your IOS App then you can select this third option. In the ios app section, you can connect your ios app with a google analytics account. And google analytics shows all information about your ios app which country audience you can target.

You can select any one option according to your need. For example, I select Web just because I connect my Website with Google Analytics.

After Clicking on the Web, there is a new window open and where you have to put some information about your websites like your Website URL and Stream Name. And then you just click on Create Stream.

And now you have also Two Options. The first one is Global Site Tag (gtag.js) use this if you are using a website builder. And the second one is Google Tag Manager it maintains tags through a web interface. You can select the first drop-down menu and you can see the HTML Code.

Just copy the Html code and go to the Theme section and click on edit Html. Just Paste Below the Header Tag on your website. And save the settings.

After saving the code go back to Google Analytics and just simply Refresh the page. Now there is no Data to show in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Now you simply visit your website and again go to google analytics dashboard and then again refresh the page now finally you can see 1 active user on your screen. Like Page View, First Vist, and User Engagement.

Finally, it means that your Website is successfully connected with your Google Analytics account. If you want a practical video on this topic then you also visit my Youtube Channel.

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