How To Index Your Website In Google Search Console Fast 2021

Index Your Website In Google Search Console

Index Your Site In Google Search Console

How to index your website in the google search console? Today we are mainly discussing this topic. And some people face a common problem that is their articles are not indexed by Google. And if you can solve this issue then follow my steps to index your site on Google.

Why Do You Need To Index Your Website?

Guys, I can tell you Why you need to index your website on Google Search Console?. For Example, a new Plaza launch and it have many shops and you purchase one of them. 

Now nobody knows about your shop in New Plaza. You can tell the plaza owner about your shop name for Publicity.

Then, in this case, peoples know about your shop. Same case of indexing your site on google you can tell Google about your website and in other words your site Domain Name. Then, you can be able to index your site on google.

Somehow we can already waste a lot of time. Now we can mainly Focus on our topic which is how to index your site on google. 

Besides this, I can also tell you about how to index your articles on google search results fast. So, without wasting time Let's get started.

Creating Google Search Console Account?

First of all, you can create your Google Search Console account. For creating your account you can search on Google is Google Search Console and hit enter. Just open the first site and you can land on the official site of the search console.

Now a new window is open in front of you. You just click on Start Now and after this Google wants to tell you that you can log in to your Gmail Account. Now you can log in with that email id which you can choose in creating your site.

After logging in you can select your Property Type. Now you have two different choices first one is Domain And the second one is URL Prefix.

1. Domain:-

You can choose this option if you have a Domain Name. For Example, you can buy a domain that is XYZ from any Platform. In my case I also purchase a domain name from Godaddy that is then, you choose this one.

2. Url Prefix:-

You can choose this second option if you don't have any domain name and you can use Blogspot for your website then, in that case, you can choose the Url Prefix.

Google Search Console

In my case, I can add my domain name in the first Domain option as you can see in the picture. Now just click on the continue button. 

And your ownership is Auto Verified. Now go to the property and you can enter your Google search console account. 

Now in the Left Bar, you can see many Tabs one of them is Sitemap. Just enter in the sitemap option and then can tell you to add your site link with the forward-slash you can enter sitemap.xml and can put the screenshot you can see below.


After entering your site name with the sitemap.xml you just hit the Submit button. And your site is added in the Google search console. 

After doing this process you can copy your site Url and Paste in the search section of the console and index that link.

Now we can discuss how to index your Articles fast in the search console. To Index your article you can just copy the Url of your Posted Article and Paste it above in the Search Bar of Google Search Console.


After hitting enter you can see your article indexed or not in google search pages. If not then click on the Request Indexing button and it takes up to one to two minutes and you can see your live result whatever your article index or not.

So Guys here is another useful technique to index your site fast on Search Console is to and TXT Code in your Domain Manager Settings. For more details, you can watch This Video on YouTube.

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